Eternity Collections - Earring with diamonds and emerald DM4316SME

3 g
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The Eternity collection combines the important Italian goldsmith tradition, the classic style and the preciousness of colored stones. All wrapped in the inevitable high quality diamond always present in our jewels.


Gold 750 /°°°

Weight precious metal: 2,50 gr.

Diamonds VVS quality

Diamonds: F color

Diamonds white: ct. 0.12

Diamonds: brillant cut

Color Stone - Recrystallized natural emerald (HTHP)*

Three different sizes are available:

>Emerald (Recrystallized) ct. 2,05 Measure mm 6x9

>Emerald (Recrystallized) ct. 3,45 Measure mm 7x10

>Emerald (Recrystallized) ct. 4,66 Measure mm 8x12


Important: You can choose Recrystallized natural emerald or Natural Emerald (Colombian). Please see detail in: Natural stone and Recrystallized natural stone.